• Growing Impact

At her original office in Nashua, New Hampshire, Dr. Slava Abdelrehim built a growing practice helping people with reconstructive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, urgent care and general dentistry. Her model of comprehensive, advanced dental care was so well received by the community, that Dr. Abdelrehim asked her husband, Ihab Abdelrehim, Ph.D, who had led several successful businesses, to join the Greenwood team as CEO to expand the brand.

In early 2018, an opportunity arose to build a second office in Burlington, Massachusetts, in the commercial development near Wegmans. The Greenwood team asked Wellen to build their new office. What started as 2,000 square feet of empty shell space was transformed into a state-of-the-art dental suite in a matter of months. Dr. Abdelrehim led the design effort, integrating her fine aesthetic sense with the real-world experiences of how the facility in New Hampshire performed. The project included several practice rooms, supporting office and lab space, all finished out in the high-end style reflective of the location.